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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the sixth installment in the legendary turn-based strategy series, allowing you to build and develop an empire over several thousand years of world history. The developer of the game is Firaxis Games, a team founded by the creator of the series – Sid Meier – who has been developing the series since Sid Meier’s Civilization III. Meier himself again assumed the role of spiritual and artistic patron of the production and was not directly involved in the development work.

Game Overview

DEVELOPER: Firaxis Games


GAME MODE: Single Player / Multiplayer

GENRE: Strategy / Economy / Sandbox / Isometric View / Strategic War

Civilization 6 Download For PC – Review:

The previous, fifth installment of the brand was a kind of reboot of the series, simplifying many elements that we could find in the predecessors, so at the start it lacked many aspects of the gameplay from previous civilizations. In the case of the sixth part of the series, the creators did not want to make the same mistake, so most of the novelties introduced by the five and its additions based on the suggestions of players also found a place in the “stand” of Sid Meier’S Civilization VI. The producers also benefited from the experience gained during the work on the 2014 side of the series, Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Civilization 6 Download For PC

Civilization 6 Download For PC is a classic turn-based strategy game, belonging to the 4X games segment. the title was created for both veterans of the genre and completely novice players, who are helped by an extensive tutorial to learn the secrets of fun. In the course of the game, we choose one of the historical civilizations, and then, shaping the policy and direction of the development of the state over several thousand years, we lead them to victory, achievable in five different variants.

The first key innovation introduced by Civilization 6 Download For PC is the way we develop cities. As in Endless Legend, they now occupy more than one field on the map, and players can choose the places where the next districts of the metropolis will be created, put as its population increases. The districts are divided into many categories – industrial, scientific, commercial or military. Depending on the locations in which they arise, they will provide us with additional bonuses, and in the case of enemy cities – inform about the role they play in his empire. Thus, we will receive a premium for production, for example, having built an industrial district on mineral deposits. In turn, additional money will be provided by the shopping district located on the river. A specific role is played by military camps, which-like walled cities-have one attack per turn.

How to Download and install the game Civilization 6:

  • Download Civilization 6 PC Installer.rar by clicking the button below.
  • Extract the file to your desktop using WinRAR.
  • Run the .exe file and click the download button.
  • Follow the instructions and wait for the installer download game.
  • After the installation process, adjust the game settings by clicking the button SETTINGS.
  • Play Game.
System Requirements

Minimum PC System Specs:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.5 Ghz or AMD Phenom II 2.6 Ghz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: AMD 5570 or Nvidia 450
  • Storage: 12 GB
Screen Game

Civilization 6 Screen 1

Civilization 6 Screen 2

Civilization 6 Screen 3

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Civilization 6 Download For PC


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