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The InstallGames.eu team is the first acting freegaming team. This idea has been spreading overseas for over a year. Despite this, we decided to take matters into our own hands and provide you with tons of entertainment completely free. We deal with sharing games because we believe that only in this way can you properly advertise such a product. We strive to keep our site safe and develop every day and have always been one step ahead of other websites. 

Our main intention when creating this site was to wipe out the scene of dozens of sites claiming to be freegaming sites and in fact cheating you, users by forcing you to fill nonsense surveys or provide private data such as phone numbers – you do not have to do this. The only thing we want from you is to share it with your friends using our site, thanks to which our goal will be achieved.



On our site you will find full versions of the latest computer games before they are available on other websites. Despite the fact that the site is relatively young, our team has been dealing with this industry for a very long time which allows us to rely on our own experience. The games provided here are and always will be for you.

In addition, you will be able to find the latest demo versions of the games you are looking for. The process of downloading files from our files has been maximally simplified so you will not have any problems using our resources. Remember that the idea of our site was created mainly for you, players, users. What does this mean in practice? And that we are open to any suggestions on your part. If you think that something should be changed in our website, do not hesitate to write to us with the offer.



Due to the fact that there are hundreds of websites on the internet that try to fool people by providing them with full-sized whites, we try to make our site highly recommended by you. We do not care about advertising, because a good product defends itself. If you came here by accident, you can ask your friends if it is worth it, if someone recommended you to us, it means that it is worth it.

Our motto is to always be the first portal that does what other people do poorly. All new games available on the Internet will be available to us before others in the industry will learn that it is possible. You do not believe? Convince yourself – check our website on a regular basis!


Team InstallGames.eu

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