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    7 Days to Die PC Download

    2 December 2017 , by InstallGames

    7 Days to Die PC Download     7 Days to Die PC Download is a Sandboxy FPS embedded in post-apocalyptic climates. This is the debut project of the American studio, The Fun Pimps Entertainment. The action takes place in the near future, after the nuclear war started in 2034 led to the almost complete destruction of human civilization. Worse... Read more

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    Besiege PC Download

    29 November 2017 , by InstallGames

    Besiege PC Download now Ready!     Besiege PC Download is a logic-simulation game in which players build their own siege machines from scratch to destroy the army and fortify the enemy. The independent studio Spiderling is responsible for the game. The game sets us up with a variety of challenges – from the demolition of simple civi... Read more

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    Borderlands 2 PC Download

    23 November 2017 , by InstallGames

    Borderlands 2 PC Download now Ready!     Borderlands 2 PC Download is a continuation of the 2009 game, which has achieved a lot of success and has attracted both critics and gamers. The second installment of the series was created by Studio Gearbox Software and is still a combination of first-person shooter with Diablo-style RPGs. In the ... Read more

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    Hunt Showdown PC Download

    20 November 2017 , by InstallGames

    Hunt Showdown PC Download now Ready! Hunt Showdown PC Download is a cooperative action game based on a free model with micropayments. The production was developed by the American branch of the company Crytek, founded by veteran Darksiders. The game is in the late nineteenth century. In the author’s vision of this period, all the superstitions... Read more

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    Subnautica PC Download

    11 November 2017 , by InstallGames

    Subnautica PC Download now Ready!     Subnautica PC Download is a PC-based underwater sandbox that combines arcade elements, RPGs and action-packed action games. The production was developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment studio, known for its successful network shooter. The game is set in a fictional world, inspired by old adventure nov... Read more

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