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Freedom Planet 2 is a two dimensional platformer, the continuation of the game Freedom Planet from 2014. Both titles were developed by GalaxyTrail.

Game Overview

DEVELOPER: GalaxyTrail

PUBLISHER: GalaxyTrail

GAME MODE: Single Player

GENRE: Creative / Platformer / 2D / Side-Scroll

Freedom Planet 2 PC Download – Review:

The plot of Freedom Planet 2 PC Download revolves around a powerful dragon named Merga, who spent the last century trapped at the bottom of the ocean. At the start of the campaign, she is released and quickly leads to the outbreak of war for the future of the entire land of Avalice.

Freedom Planet 2 PC Download

In the game, all three playable heroines known from the first part return, namely Lilac, Carol and Milla, and each of them has unique special abilities. The girls are older and more experienced this time, and their motivations are not always the same, and there are situations in which they stand on opposite sides of the barricade.

Freedom Planet 2 PC Download remains a two dimensional platformer that focuses on exploring maps and fighting battles using an acrobatic combat system that offers a lot of freedom of action. The campaign is designed to provide fun for both players trying to get through the boards at a frantic pace, and those who prefer to slowly search every corner of the map in order to collect all the items.

It also did not take many changes and improvements. Instead of the traditional system of choosing one of several difficulty levels, the game allows you to collect special crystals that allow you to modify the parameters of the gameplay, such as the number of lives or the strength of the character’s attacks. Thanks to this, players have the opportunity to facilitate the passage of the most difficult fragments, but at the same time you need to earn it by exploring.

The First Freedom Planet was designed to faithfully simulate Sega Mega Drive games. For the sequel, the authors went the other way and developed a title that is not limited by the capabilities of this 16-bit console. The result is not only clearly nicer graphics, but also much larger levels, more densely filled with enemies and interactive objects.

How to Download and install the game Freedom Planet 2:

  • Download Freedom Planet 2 PC Installer.rar by clicking the button below.
  • Extract the file to your desktop using WinRAR.
  • Run the .exe file and click the download button.
  • Follow the instructions and wait for the installer download game.
  • After the installation process, adjust the game settings by clicking the button SETTINGS.
  • Play Game.
System Requirements

Minimum PC System Specs:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 510
  • Storage: 3 GB
Screen Game

Freedom Planet 2 Screen 1

Freedom Planet 2 Screen 2

Freedom Planet 2 Screen 3

File Download

Freedom Planet 2 PC Download


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