Farworld Pioneers PC Download


Farworld Pioneers is a cross-platform production of action games and survival titles. The project was developed by the independent studio Igloosoft, and its release was handled by tinyBuild.

Game Overview

DEVELOPER: Igloosoft

PUBLISHER: tinyBuild Games

GAME MODE: Single Player / Multiplayer

GENRE: Action / Science Fiction / Platformer / Sandbox / 2D / Colonization / Survival

Farworld Pioneers PC Download – Review:

In Farworld Pioneers PC Download, you play the role of an astronaut whose journey to a distant corner of space ended with a hard landing on an alien planet. From now on, Hungry, chilled and unable to escape, the hero must do everything to survive.

Farworld Pioneers PC Download

In Farworld Pioneers, we watch the action from the side. The game takes place on various procedurally generated planets. The Globes we visited varied in terms of the appearance and topography of the terrain, raw materials, creatures inhabiting them or, finally, the prevailing atmospheric conditions. As our overriding goal is survival, during the game we are primarily engaged in the search for food and resources.

The latter serve us both for the construction of our headquarters and for the manufacture of useful equipment, led by protective clothing, weapons or inventions that facilitate exploration like Rocket shoes. Over time, we can also start looking for other survivors, thanks to which our shelter has a chance to turn into a large and prosperous colony. By dividing tasks and responsibilities between them, we can automate their actions; however, we must remember to meet their diverse needs.

In Farworld Pioneers PC Download, you can play alone or in one of the online multiplayer modes, among which you will find both cooperative gameplay options and modules that allow you to compete with other players.

How to Download and install the game Farworld Pioneers:

  • Download Farworld Pioneers PC Installer.rar by clicking the button below.
  • Extract the file to your desktop using WinRAR.
  • Run the .exe file and click the download button.
  • Follow the instructions and wait for the installer download game.
  • After the installation process, adjust the game settings by clicking the button SETTINGS.
  • Play Game.
System Requirements

Minimum PC System Specs:

  • Processor: AMD Zen / Intel i5
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: Radeon-HD-7000 / GeForce 500
  • Storage: 1 GB
Screen Game

Farworld Pioneers Screen 1

Farworld Pioneers Screen 2

Farworld Pioneers Screen 3

File Download

Farworld Pioneers PC Download


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