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    Forager PC Game Download

    14 June 2019 , by InstallGames

    Forager is an independent production developed by HopFrog Studio founded by Mariano Cavallero, inspired by such classics as Stardew Valley, Terrariums and classic games of The Legend of Zelda series. A trial edit of the title was available on Steam through the Humble Bundle service, which issued the full version of the game. Forager PC Game Downloa... Read more

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    Rusty Lake Hotel PC Full Downl...

    12 June 2019 , by InstallGames

    Layer role playing Rusty Lake Hotel is dark and intriguing. Five guests come to the hotel of the same name, which we have to take care of, but in fact to deprive them of their lives. Each of them we do separately, performing various actions, for example, poisoning the unfortunate. All this is all the more interesting because the action... Read more

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    Baba Is You PC Game Download

    5 June 2019 , by InstallGames

    Baba Is You is an original puzzle game, authored by independent Finnish developer ARVI “Hempuli” Teikari. The prototype in 2017 became the winner of Nordic Game Jam. Baba Is You PC Game Download – Review Baba Is You stands out from other representatives of the genre due to the fact that the player can manipulate the rules that gov... Read more

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    Rise of Industry PC Download

    22 May 2019 , by InstallGames

    Rise of Industry is an economic strategy developed by the Dapper Penguin Studios team. The release of these products on the PC platform, she took over the company Kasedo Games. Rise of Industry PC Download – Review Game Rise of Industry PC Download allows us to get used to the role of a novice businessman. It is up to us... Read more

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    Moonlighter Download

    23 May 2018 , by InstallGames

    Moonlighter is a retro action RPG with elements of roguelike and commercial games. Play as a shopkeeper, whose ambition is to become a real hero, and the way to this end leads through dangerous and filled with various opponents dungeons. Moonlighter PC Game Overview: Moonlighter Download is responsible for the Spanish Digital Sun Games studio, whic... Read more

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