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    Rise of Industry PC Download

    22 May 2019 , by InstallGames

    Rise of Industry is an economic strategy developed by the Dapper Penguin Studios team. The release of these products on the PC platform, she took over the company Kasedo Games. Rise of Industry PC Download – Review Game Rise of Industry PC Download allows us to get used to the role of a novice businessman. It is up to us... Read more

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    Moonlighter Download

    23 May 2018 , by InstallGames

    Moonlighter is a retro action RPG with elements of roguelike and commercial games. Play as a shopkeeper, whose ambition is to become a real hero, and the way to this end leads through dangerous and filled with various opponents dungeons.   Moonlighter PC Game Overview: Moonlighter Download is responsible for the Spanish Digital Sun Games studi... Read more

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    Wild West Online Download

    2 May 2018 , by InstallGames

    Wild West Online Download is a game in which the action takes place in the Wild West. Production developers were inspired by the multiplayer mode with Red Dead Redemption.   Wild West Online PC Game Overview: Wild West Online Download is intended to be a simulator of life in the Wild West. The creators intended to distinguish themselves in thi... Read more

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    Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery ...

    18 April 2018 , by InstallGames

    Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery PC is an RPG game set in the Harry Potter universe. Players create characters who are students of Hogwarts and observe their actions over the next years.   Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery PC Game Overview: The title allows you to participate, among others, in defense lessons against black magic or in the science of ... Read more

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    The Guild 3 Download

    12 April 2018 , by InstallGames

    The Guild 3 Download is Ready!     The Guild 3 Download is the third part of a series of economic strategies enriched with numerous RPG elements. Like all previous editions of the series, the title was created solely for PCs. However, unlike their predecessors (and official additions to them), sponsored by JoWood Entertainment and the tea... Read more

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