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    Bastion PC Game Download

    15 May 2019 , by InstallGames

    With the closure of the company’s Electronic Arts internal development Studio in Los Angeles, part of its employees led by Amirem RAO and Gwyn Simon created a new company. In Supergiant Games industry veterans engaged in the implementation of copyright ideas. Bastion is their first independent project. The inspiration for the game, which was ... Read more

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    Octopath Traveler PC Game Down...

    15 May 2019 , by InstallGames

    Octopath Traveler jRPG, which is responsible for the creation of the Japanese team Silicon Studio Corporation – in the portfolio of developers can be found extremely warmly accepted game Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and Bravely Second: End Layer. The products described here were first introduced to the world in January 2017, during the Nintendo Sw... Read more

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    Fallout 76 Download PC Game

    11 June 2018 , by InstallGames

    Another game from a long series of post-apocalyptic RPG titles and the third one created by the Bethesda studio. Fallout 76 Download once again takes us to the wilderness of North America many years after the nuclear apocalypse. Fallout 76 PC Game Overview: Fallout 76 Download on Windows PC is another production from a series of post-apocalyptic RP... Read more

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    The Flame in the Flood Downloa...

    15 May 2018 , by InstallGames

    The Flame in the Flood Download is an independent post-apocalyptic survival from Bioshock co-creators focusing on the fate of Scout – a young, resourceful girl who has to survive in a world flooded by the flood. The Flame in the Flood PC Game Overview: The Flame in the Flood is an independent post-apocalyptic survival studio called The Molass... Read more

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    For the King PC Download

    8 May 2018 , by InstallGames

    For the King is a combination of turn-based strategy, jRPG-a and roguelike production. The player goes to the classic fantasy world, and in the course of the game deals primarily with exploration, collecting useful and valuable items and the fight against encountered opponents. For the King PC Game Overview: The campaign For the King PC D... Read more

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