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    Anthem Download

    21 December 2017 , by InstallGames

    Anthem Download is Ready!   Anthem Download is a video shooter with MMO elements, released on the Windows PC platform, embedded in science fiction climates. The production came from the employees of BioWare studio located in the city of Edmonton, ie the team responsible for the company’s biggest hits, such as the Dragon Age and Mass Effe...

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    SpellForce 3 PC Download

    6 December 2017 , by InstallGames

    SpellForce 3 PC Download now Ready!     SpellForce 3 PC Download is the third edition of the game series in an interesting way combining elements of real-time strategy with computer RPG. The production was entrusted to the German Grimlore Games studio by Nordic Games, which includes experienced artists. The story of the SpellForce 3 PC Do...

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    7 Days to Die PC Download

    2 December 2017 , by InstallGames

    7 Days to Die PC Download     7 Days to Die PC Download is a Sandboxy FPS embedded in post-apocalyptic climates. This is the debut project of the American studio, The Fun Pimps Entertainment. The action takes place in the near future, after the nuclear war started in 2034 led to the almost complete destruction of human civilization. Worse...

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