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    SUPERHOT PC Download

    11 August 2017 , by InstallGames

    SUPERHOT PC Download is Ready!     SUPERHOT PC Download is a completely different than all FPP shooter designed for PC Windows platform. The production was created by the Polish studio SUPERHOT team for the 7DFPS competition, but the idea appealed to the players so much that it was decided to create a much more elaborate version. The stor...

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    XCOM2 PC Download

    3 August 2017 , by InstallGames

    XCOM2 PC Download is Ready!     XCOM2 PC Download is a tactical and tactical PC game that is a direct continuation of the 2012 XCOM: Enemy Unknown game. 2K Games and Firaxis are responsible for the production. The game takes place twenty years after the events of the previous game, in which we desperately tried to resist the invasion...

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    My Summer Car PC Download

    2 August 2017 , by InstallGames

    My Summer Car PC Download is now ready!       My Summer Car Download is an unconventional independent production that focuses on building your own car as well as on the survival elements. The game was created by a single person hiding under the nickname Amistech, and appeared on the Windows PC platform. The title is a representative ...

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